Machete in GoldSand


Wear the stones like you never did!

The Tri-band, a very elegant handmade stone bracelet with macramé yarn,
Type and size of stone: Goldsand (light stone) in 8 mm

Virtues of the stone:

The Goldstone is a hot stone, of internal energy, of joy, of cheerfulness, a stone of friendship and encounters.
It diffuses vitality, good humor and facilitates body expression.
Use in case of severe depression and lack of joy.
It strengthens blood circulation, the assimilation of food, purifies the blood and regulates the heart.
It connects us to the fire of life and sexual enthusiasm. It is also an excellent telepathic amplifier.

Finished with a magnetic clasp, the Tri-Band bracelet is extremely easy to wear.
It is best to check the size of the wrist circumference for an ideal reach
Bracelet delivered in a jute bag 


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