Sublime Tri-band bracelet in salmon aventurine


Wear the stones as ever you did!

Tri-band, very elegant stone bracelet handmade with macrame thread.
Type and size of stone: frosted Amazonite 8 mm size

Stone properties:

It is a cheerful, perfect stone for finding his inner child, amazonite awakens the joy of life, it helps to take things less seriously, it helps to breath and to live the present moment spontaneously. Crystal healing it is most often used for its properties, which will be very supportive for depressed people or anyone who see the world in the negative. This stone fight against frustration, it enhances verbal communication and non verbal, it promotes spontaneity and encourages human contact

Finished with a magnetic clasp, the Tri-Band bracelet is extremely easy to wear.
It is best to check the size of the wrist for perfect coverage
Bracelet comes in a burlap bag


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