Gorgeous Geronimo Tiger eye bracelet, jade and agate


Sublime Geronimo bracelet handmade in jade Nepalese azure and red + agate Dragon vein + Tiger eye size 8 mm with separation head of Geronimo (iconic Indian chef) and a Certi block of zirconuim

Dragon vein agate spreads negative energies 
Effective for headaches
Stimulates digestion
Dissolves blockages and dam on the inside of the body

Jade Nepalese is cloisonne with shades Golden it gives courage to begin or begin a new life.
Brings luck, eliminates the negative waves.
Develops physical gifts and fight against infertility

The eye of the Tiger gives strength and protection.

The stones are mounted on a strong elastic thread where the strength of the bracelet.

The bracelet comes with a burlap bag.


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