Bracelet with stone pendant

$17.07 $28.45

Very elegant handmade bracelet with heart-shaped pendant

Type and size of stone:
1- Picasso Jaspe
2- Pink Aventurine
3- Agate Rose
4- Jade Angelite Aqua

multicolored size 6 mm

Virtues of stones:

Rooting stone to the ground, it helps to treat the dysfunctions of the root chakra. It anchors fickle people in a more stable lifestyle and helps with self-control. Gives strength, and supports in difficult situations and during the period of immense mental or physical stress. It allows us to find a solution during an upheaval in our lives, whether positive or negative.

It makes it possible to take control of his future.
In mediation, it captures the information we are looking for. 

Mounted on with an elastic wire the bracelet is size 17.

It is best to check the size of the wrist circumference for an ideal

Bracelet delivered in a jute cloth bag 


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