Sublime Bronzite Tri-band Bracelet and Red Jaspe

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Wear the stones like you never did!

The Tri-band, a very elegant handmade stone bracelet with macramé yarn,
Type and size of stone: Bronzite and Red Jaspe in 6mm

Virtues of the stone:

Variety of garnet the Bronzite is a stone of courtesy Well-being. Tenderness in itself and Sweetness

Quiet, restful stone, soothing angers, allowing to keep its self-control and thus to cross without problem the confused and tense situations.

red jasper is used for its energy properties that balance the wearer. Its emotional field of action develops in the wearer a sense of security. It helps to have confidence in life, to love it, to live the present moment without fear, to assert oneself through action. With this in mind, this jasper reassured those who were afraid of death or afraid of the unknown. This makes this mineral a good combination for advance in life in a fulfilling way.

Finished with a magnetic clasp, the Tri-Band bracelet is extremely easy to wear.
It is best to check the size of the wrist circumference for an ideal reach
Bracelet delivered in a jute bag 


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