Gorgeous White Jade Tri-Band bracelet with magnetic clasp


Wear the stones as ever you did!

Tri-band, very elegant stone bracelet handmade with macrame thread
Type and size of stone: White Jade 6 mm

Stone properties:

White jade will help you to direct your energies where they will be most beneficial and beneficial.
This stone can also bring wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. Since ancient times, this stone was appreciated because of its ability to bring luck in business, health, love

The white jade stone can also be beneficial for cancer patients and those who suffer from diabetes
When it's physical healing, white jade can help the body heal itself

Finished with a magnetic clasp, the Tri-Band bracelet is extremely easy to wear.
It is best to check the size of the wrist for perfect coverage
Bracelet comes in a burlap bag


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